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The roadmap of life

where will
it take you...

To an unforgettable adventure?
The places you find peace?
To good times that become the best memories?
When it comes to the fork in the road...
...which path will you take?

where will <br> it take you...
Make it happen

life work balance

Every day we wake up...we have choices. Of course we all have to work, but...our minds and bodies need more than a grind. With big or small moments and adventures, we can enjoy life to its fullest! A walk on a local trail filled with beauty. Reveling in breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Booking your getaways to your favorite vacation spots. Surf fresh waves before work. Biking after work on your groups weekly ride. More memorable road trips, more spectacular national parks, more unforgettable adventures, big or small...
...it all adds up to more life spent truly living!

2 styles to choose from

2 styles to choose from

When our British designer sent the first designs...they blew us away! Skiers boarders & bikers, and more to come! We also loved the words by themselves...understated but making a clear statement of who you are and what you love. with all this design love we are excited to share with all, two fresh and sharp styles to choose from and enjoy!

first hand


We are hyped to share LESS WORK™ with you.

I remember the first time I wore one of the hoodies, Less Work More Bandon (the site of a famous golf resort in Oregon) to a golf course in Wisconsin. The young woman at the front desk stared at the hoodie and said ‘I want one!’ He colleague said ‘I’ll take two’ and two groups waiting to check in asked me to turn around and exclaimed ‘us too!”

That is the excitement we want for you—to share your passions and enjoy your road trip of life!



We are excited to have you along for the ride and celebrating the activities and places where you get your well-deserved life balance. We love hearing from you, so feel free with us where the roadmap of life takes you next...and send photos, we'd love to feature your adventure on our social!

the roadmap of life

the roadmap of life

Brian Lewis
Founder & Managing Partner
Less Work


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