On the Backs of Workers

On the Backs of Workers

If you work 10 more hours per week to increase company profits and the CEO's compensation, is it worth giving up rock climbers with your friends? Is it worth giving up life work balance?   It is the point of our Less Work brand.  Don't give up living.

This is especially relevant when you know the CEO and his family have access to a corporate jet and the company phone stipend you get was reduced by $30/month.

Wealth inequality has been going on since the robber barons of America's Gilded Age.

Is there a difference between Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Morgan & Rockefeller and Elon Musk when he demanded they commit to working "long hours at high intensity" or take severance.

This was after Musk had already fired key Twitter executives, laud off half ot Twitter's full-time employees and slashes the number of contractors working with the company without notice.  He followed that up by firing veteran engineers at Twitter after they criticized him.

Jack Dorsey's net worth $4.6 Billion.  Elon Musk net worth $143 Billion.

On the backs of workers.

Get a Less Work hoodie and go rock climbing.


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